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Audit, Review and Compilation
of Financial Statements
The audit, Review and Compilation services are performed following the Standards promulgated by the American Institute of Certified Public accountants.
Accounting Services

The firm provides accounting services as follows:

Reconciliation procedures
System design and implementation
Assembly of internal reports
General ledger maintenance
Payroll tax compliance
Budget preparation and evaluation
Trainings to personnel
Installation of software
Monthly accounting processing

The monthly accounting processing can be performed on site or off site depending on the circumstances.

The firm can assist in the process ascertain compliance with laws, regulations, grants and contractual agreements. This service may be tailored to the specific requirements of the client. The level of service may vary from an examination and assessment of a clients representation about compliance to an agreed upon procedure engagement upon specific compliance matters.
Prospective Financial Services
The firm may be engaged to Audit, Review, Compile or to assemble prospective financial information for a client. Prospective reporting includes the assistance in the preparation of financial forecasts and projections. The Firm is normally contracted to evaluate pro forma information that is addressed to appraise the direct or indirect effect on historical financial data, of a proponed transaction or event.
Internal audit services
The Outsourcing of internal audit activities is one of the Firm’s specialties. The service is commonly use by diverse management to complement the internal audit staff or to implement the faction in environments when there is no internal audit activity. The firm has specific experience performing operational audits, which are addressed to ascertain operational efficiency, and effectiveness and process audits, which are addressed to ascertain the reasonability of the business process and evaluation of risks, and controls structure surrounding the process.
Business Valuation
Jiménez Vazquez & Associates, PSC may be engaged by a client to get an opinion of value or to get an indication of the value of the business or an ownership interest in a business entity at any point of time.
Troubled Business
Business facing financial stress may engaged the Firm to assist in the evaluation of the reasons causing the stress and to assist in the process of identifying the necessary actions and activities to effectively turnaround the business. The Firm has significant experience in assisting in the development of plans and corrective actions activities to ascertain corporate goals are attained. In this service the firm also makes teamwork with company lawyers to ascertain effective negotiations are made in out of court settlements.
Litigation Support Services

We are available to teamwork with client’s legal counsel to complement their service. The following are the typical litigation support services the Firm provides:

Bankruptcy services
Divorce settlements
Damage claims
Forensic accounting
Value assessments
Mergers and acquisitions

The firm may be engaged to assist in the process of buying or selling a business. The complexity of this service requires certain degree of expertise in recognizing the value drivers to effectively assist in maximizing the potential sales price or the adequacy of the asking amounts. The Firm has significant experience in the structuring of transactions, evaluation of tax consequences and assistance to client’s corporate legal counsel in closing the deal

Management Advisory

Our experience and involvements in a significant number of assignments have contributed to the extent and nature of advisory services we offer. We may assist in:

Business planning and budgeting
Allocation of indirect costs
Risk assessment activities
Loss prevention
Forensic Evaluations
Performance measurement

In addition to assisting clients in the normal tax compliance process, we focus on partnering with clients in tax panning activities. Tax planning in our main concern and are part of our approach to ensure clients receives value added services taking into consideration their mission and corporate objectives as well as present and projected operations and strategic movements.


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