About Us

Jiménez Vazquez & Associates PSC is a Certified Public Accounting and Business Consulting firm organized by Jose Victor Jimenez CPA, CVA. The Firm was established to provide integrated service solutions to the business community in the areas of accounting, auditing, taxation, business development and advisory services. The experience gained by Jiménez during more than 20 years is available to satisfy the needs of quality and timely services to the general business community.

The firm has adopted a service approach were resources are assigned based on needs and after evaluating corporate goals and objectives. This will ensure that recommendations and ideas provided will actually create value upon implementation. The demands of service of each client are carefully analyzed and studied by a team of professional experts in their field of specialization even before service are offered. This approach ensures that ideas are provided to satisfy corporate or business needs in a way that value is created.

Jiménez Vazquez & Associates, PSC main resource is people. The Firm is committed to provide excellent services with highly qualified professionals who pose the experience and commitment to excel in every endeavor for the benefits of clients. That personal commitment is complemented with the maintenance of a formal professional development program and the adoption of quality control measures to promote a total quality service.     Read More >

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